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You are what you eat! Your body is a piece of nature and that is why it prefers natural vitamins and nutrients. According to contemporary nutrition science you should ingest at least 5 portions of superfood (i.e. fruit and vegetables) per day, ideally in great variety and all sorts of colours. However, in today's hectic everyday life we often lack time to do so. This results in vitamin deficiency. Vitamin Booster's natural vitamins build a bridge between what you eat and what you should eat every day and offer amongst others the following benefits:

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5 a day
Vitamin deficiency
Natural Vitamins!

The natural vitamins contained in the Vitamin-Booster products come from 41 varieties of fruit (including berries) and vegetables. Thus you do not have to abstain from a daily healthy nutrition. You are always optimally fed and your need for 5 daily portions of fruit and vegetables ('5 a day') is covered well-balanced due to natural vitamins. Note: The Vitamin-Booster products are natural dietary supplements and cannot replace a balanced and varied diet.

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Synthetic Vitamins
are useless

Synthetic vitamins in their isolated form which are highly praised by the pharmaceutical industry can only be restrictedly ingested by your body >

Vitamin deficiency + its consequences

Superfood: Hype or Blessing?

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Natural vitamins from Vitamin-Booster easily explained!

Natural vitamins are explained animatedly by Marie, the virtual character of Vitamin-Booster. Briefly and concisely in 40 seconds. You receive answers to questions like: What are the benefits of natural vitamins? How turn field-fresh fruit, berries and vegetables into the natural Multivitamin Booster? Thanks to the natural vitamins from Vitamin-Booster, Marie is perfectly fed. She feels fit and completely vital. Benefit too!

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Advantages of natural vitamins

Natural vitamins
Natural vitamins

Vitamins are  basic components of our food and originally a natural product. Thus there is no need to say that natural vitamins are especially close to the natural product 'human being'. Meanwhile it is undisputed by science that the human organism can ingest natural vitamins much better than industrially synthesized vitamins from the test tube. Furthermore, natural vitamins can be better utilized by our body in their entire nutrient structure (incl. essential micronutrients like secondary plant compounds) and therefore easily provided for the daily needs. The natural balance is thereby preserved, so that all natural vital substances can interact and mutually reinforce their efficiency. Only by the interaction of all plant compounds, natural vitamins are in the position to completely develop their positive impact on our health. In brief: Natural vitamins are natural products and thus act in a natural way!

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