Vitamin deficiency and its consequences

Vitamin deficiency and its consequences


Vitamin deficiency
  Vitamin deficiency?

Nowadays, vitamin deficiency is a widespread problem and can have various implications for health. Regrettably, vitamin deficiency mostly develops unnoticed and is not detected by a doctor until it causes health problems. But how does vitamin deficiency develop, what are the consequences and how can they be actively prevented?

Unbalanced nutrition as a risk factor for vitamin deficiency

For various physical processes we need a variety of vitamins, which can basically be divided into essential and non-essential vitamins. With regard to vitamin deficiency, essential vitamins are of particular importance, as these micronutrients cannot autonomously be developed by the human organism, but must be ingested with food. Based on the fact that today's hectic times are often accompanied with unbalanced nutrition, the supply of the body with essential vitamins is not always ensured. In everyday working life we often eat fast food, baked goods and meat products as well as further foodstuff which do not contain an adequate vitamin concentration. In addition to an inadequate nutrition, the vitamin content of many nutrients is insufficient, as the lifetime of vitamins in foodstuff is generally limited respectively the food is not always eaten fresh. All these dietary factors contribute to potential vitamin deficiency.

An unhealthy lifestyle promotes vitamin deficiency

Not only unbalanced nutrition is a high risk factor regarding vitamin deficiency. Also a generally unhealthy lifestyle can promote vitamin deficiency. Excessive consumption of stimulants like nicotine and alcohol, an unhealthy sleep behaviour and even stress have a negative impact on the vitamin supply of our body. In conjunction with an unbalanced nutrition or probably also with certain diets, such a lifestyle can quickly cause vitamin deficiency. Additionally, certain risk groups generally have increased vitamin requirements. These are especially children and young people during growth phase, pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with various chronic diseases, seniors and athletes.

Which health consequences can arise from vitamin deficiency?

The health consequences of vitamin deficiency relate to the specific functions of the individual vitamins. Doctors thereby speak of hypovitaminoses. In this context, a healthy immune system must be primarily mentioned, because the strength of the body's defense depends on a regular supply of essential Vitamin C. If such a supply is not constantly ensured, this may result in an increased susceptibility to infectious diseases. Also the health state of the nervous system depends on the supply of specific vitamins, above all the vitamin B12. A vitamin B12 deficiency can sometimes cause neuralgia as well as tingling or numbness sensations. In rare cases even cardiovascular diseases as well as mental problems can result from vitamin B12 deficiency. A constant deficiency of vitamin A can have a negative impact on the vision and cause various other eye diseases. The mentioned symptoms are only a small excerpt of potential health consequences caused by vitamin deficiency. They illustrate however how important a balanced vitamin supply is in today's everyday life.

How can vitamin deficiency be prevented?

In order to prevent vitamin deficiency it is crucial to care for a diet which is rich in vitamins and well-balanced with a lot of fruit and vegetables. Besides your diet should always be fresh to ensure that it contains a sufficient concentration of vitamins. An unhealthy lifestyle should be avoided. This especially applies to the mentioned risk groups. If the daily demand for at least 5 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables ('5 a day') cannot be covered, an additional daily vitamin supply with a natural dietary supplement is recommended. Synthetic vitamins should be consciously avoided, as they can only restrictedly be utilized by the human body. On the contrary, natural vitamins like those contained in the Vitamin-Booster products, prove to be an optimal daily dietary supplement.

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