THE alternative to Juice Plus+: Vitamin-BOOSTER and Juice Plus+ in comparison!

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The following comparison refers to an online purchase of fruit and vegetable blend capsules as end-consumer. This comparison should objectively show that the Vitamin-BOOSTER organic Superfood capsules are THE Juice Plus+ alternative.

Date of publication: April 8, 2019. Note: The published comparative figures are updated weekly (at the beginning of each week). We reserve the right to make short-term modifications.

Vitamin-BOOSTER and Juice Plus+ in comparison
Characteristics compared Vitamin-BOOSTER organic Superfood capsules (superFRUITS Fruit and superVEGGIES Vegetable Blend) Juice Plus+
Fruit & Vegetable Blend Capsules
Number of (different) fruit and vegetable varieties contained (in total) 30 (incl. 8 berry varieties!) 18
Quantity of powder blend contained according to the recommended intake
(4 capsules daily)*
2856 mg 2088 mg**
Organic certified YES  EU/CH organic certification No
Purchase type As required resp. per order Conclusion of a home-delivery-service-contract (with automatic shipment)
Price for a 12-month supply (incl. shipping)***

GBP 346
EUR 390

GBP 474
EUR 588

* Recommended intake: 2 capsules of the fruit and 2 capsules of the vegetable blend per day.

** 1048 mg (according to the PDF file 'Fruit Blend Label' > Countries PL & LU -> Link) + 1040 mg (according to the PDF file 'Vegetable Blend Label' > Countries PL & LU -> Link) = 2048 mg.

*** 12-month supply (= 6 bottles superFRUITS Fruit and 6 bottles superVEGGIES Vegetable Blend containing each 120 capsules at Vitamin-BOOSTER respectively 6 bottles Fruit und 6 bottles Vegetable Blend containing each 120 capsules at Juice Plus+): Equivalent to the price of 3 boxes (full payment) at Juice Plus+. The GBP price is referring to an order from Great Britain (Vitamin-BOOSTER: Link | Juice Plus+: Link). The EUR price is referring to an order from Germany (Vitamin-BOOSTER: Link | Juice Plus+: Link).

Why are berry varieties included in the Organic Superfood capsules of Vitamin-BOOSTER?

Did you know that strawberries, raspberries or cranberries are not 'real' berries from a botanical point of view (see Wikipedia)? Due to their fruit characteristics, they are traditionally summarized under the term 'soft fruits' and are referred to as fruit species. For this reason, what the Vitamin BOOSTER Organic Superfood capsules are concerned, the berry varieties are included in the fruit blend! Unlike at Juice Plus+, you therefore do not have to buy an additional berry blend to cover the entire fruit and vegetable colour spectrum.

Why are the Vitamin-BOOSTER Organic Superfood capsules cheaper than Juice Plus+ Fruit & Vegetable blend capsules?

The main reason for this can certainly be seen in two different sales structures. In case of Juice Plus+, the capsules are mainly distributed through a system of franchise partners. These partners are remunerated for their sales and development activities sales to end consumers according to a plan. In contrast, Vitamin-BOOSTER is mainly sold online directly to end consumers. Due to not having remuneration costs for a distribution system via franchise partners, we can offer you the products at a lower price.