With organic Superfood capsules to your (super)natural Energy BOOST!

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Does that possibly sound familiar to you? Often, your everyday life is stressful and hectic. But a healthy and varied diet is important to you. Difficult to reconcile both. With the organic Superfood capsules, you are bridging the gap between what you actually eat and what you should eat.
  • Great variety in all colours: Discover the power of 30 fruit, berry and vegetable varieties.
  • 5 portions a day?: Your ideal supplement if you cannot get at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
  • Organic quality: Only the best for you! Organically grown, harvested fully ripe and immediately powdered.
From £0.96 (1.08 €) per day you awake your **Superpowers** too!

Developed, produced
and tested in...

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...by an internationally leading manufacturer, which is ISO
and GMP certified

  • Vegan
  • Lactose-free
  • With antioxidants and valuable secondary plant substances
  • No dyes
  • No flavourings
  • No fillers
  • No binding agents

The organic Superfood capsules *Power Duo* in detail

superFRUITS (Fruit Blend)

= Superfruits + Vitamins + Heart
Red beet

superVEGGIES (Vegetable Blend)

= Superveggies + Vitamins + Biceps
Each bottle of superFRUITS and superVEGGIES contains 120 capsules.
It is recommended to take 2 capsules per variety each day.
I am very pleased with the Vitamin-Booster organic products and readily recommend them. I am convinced of the quality of your products, which are considerably cheaper than those of JP+.

Manuela F. | Personal Trainer | Bern

For me the easiest way to reasonably supplement my daily fruit and vegetables consumption and thereby feeding myself optimally.

Bernd R. | Recruiting Manager | Heidelberg

Whether in office life, after sports or on holidays. Your Superfood capsules are an easy and flexible way to more energy!

Wendy H. | Event Planer | Bregenz

It is said that one shall eat several portions of fresh fruit and vegetables every day. And this even of all possible colors. In today's hectic everyday life, this is simply almost impossible. Here, the Fruit and Vegetable capsules provide the necessary balance.

Roman S. | Online-Marketing Freelancer | Winterthur

Unlike your big competitor, you do not force me to conclude a contract. A big advantage that I appreciate.

Tina A. | Nutritionist | Karlsruhe

FAQ - Questions and answers regarding the organic Superfood capsules

#1 Why is there no organic Berry Blend?

According to botany, berries are considered as a fruit variant. That is why the berries varieties are directly included in the Superfood Fruit Blend (superFruits). With both Superfood products, you therefore already cover the full spectrum of colours of fruit and vegetables.

#2 Shall the Superfood capsules be taken regularly?

Yes. In order to achieve an optimal effect, the Superfood capsules should be taken every day throughout the year. The body depends on an optimal supply of vital substances all year round.

#3 WHow shall the Superfood products be taken?

Take 2 capsules of each variety per day (ideally mixed as 1 capsule each twice per day), preferably with water (at least 2 dl) and during a meal (ideally short before or during breakfast and/or lunch). In order to achieve an optimal effect, we recommend not drinking coffee or tea within a period of 45 minutes prior and after the ingestion. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

#4 What are the differences between the organic Superfood capsules and common vitamin products?

The organic Superfood capsules are natural dietary supplements on the basis of highly concentrated fruit (including berries) and vegetable powder, which, besides natural vitamins, contain especially valuable secondary plant substances. Contrary to common synthetic vitamin products, these components can be absorbed by your body holistically and naturally, thus with a high bioavailability.

#5 Can the Superfood capsules also be taken by children?

Yes, as especially children and young people have an extremely high demand in essential micronutrients - particularly in the growth phase. The recommended daily dose for children up to the age of 12 years is 1 capsule per variety. If a taking in capsule form is not possible, the capsules may be opened and the included powder spread on (ideally cold) food of choice or stirred into a beverage

#6 Do the Superfood capsules contain gluten, lactose or fructose?

According to the manufacturer the products are lactose-free. Gluten and fructose are contained in traces only, so normally no problems should arise when taking the Superfood capsules. Highly sensitive people should in any case consult their doctor before taking the Superfood capsules.

#7 Can the Superfood capsules be taken by allergy sufferers, pregnant women or generally immune compromised people?

Allergies have various causes and degrees of severity. That is why no conclusive answer is possible to this question. To our knowledge, the Superfood capsules are even well tolerated if an allergy against one of the contained fruit and vegetable varieties in fresh state exists. Pregnant women or generally immune compromised people have an increased need for micronutrients, which is why a supporting dietary supplementation can be useful. Prior to taking the products, allergy sufferers, pregnant women or generally immune compromised people should in any case consult their doctor.

#8 Can the Superfood capsules be taken together with other dietary supplements und/or medicines?

The Superfood capsules can readily be combined with other dietary supplements, if necessary. Usually, no interactions with drugs are to be expected. However, the deciding factor are the recommendations of your doctor, who should be consulted in any case before simultaneously taking the Superfood capsules and other drugs.

#9 What is the energy resp. calorie content of the Superfood capsules?

The energy resp. calorie content is very low and amounts to less than 1% of the daily calorie guideline in case of daily ingestion.

#10 Are the Superfood capsules suitable for intensive sports, diets, slimming cures or fasting?

Due to the increased nutritional need definitely! Deficits in several vital substances can be balanced with the daily ingestion of the Superfood capsules.

#11 How is the quality of the Superfood capsules assured?

The manufacturing and examination is done by an internationally leading manufacturer, which is ISO and GMP certified.

#12 Where are the fruit and vegetable varieties contained in the Superfood capsules grown?

The fruit and vegetable varieties contained in the Superfood capsules are grown in North and South America as well as Europe.

#13 What are the limits of the Superfood capsules?

With the ingestion of the Superfood capsules you cover potential deficits in few essential vital substances. Nevertheless, the Superfood capsules shall not be used as substitute for a balanced and varied nutrition.

#14 What are the costs for shipment? Can an order be sent to a delivery address instead of the invoice address?

In the EU and Switzerland we do offer free shipment! Further information regarding shipment can be found here. An order is sent to the indicated (invoice) address. Shippinig to another delivery address is not possible.

#15 Why are Vitamin-Booster products significantly less expensive than competitive products?

In this regard please visit the following website: THE alternative to Juice Plus+.

#16 Are there scientific studies about the Superfood capsules?

No, currently there are no studies regarding the Superfood capsules.

Note: Organic Superfood capsules are natural food supplements and not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.