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Tip: You too may benefit from our bestseller - the *XXL* package (supply for: 12 months). This will save you 18% and you will be daily ready for an entire year!

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The *XXL* organic BOOSTER package includes 6 bottles of superFRUITS and 6 bottles of superVEGGIES. Each bottle contains 120 capsules. Given the recommended daily intake of 2 capsules, you are thereby supplied for 12 months.

Is the *XXL* package too much for you at once? Then we recommend the *MEDIUM* (6-month supply) or the *STARTER* (4-month supply) package. That is how you can test the organic Superfood capsules and convince yourself. After that you benefit from a 18% discount for the *XXL* package and can possibly share it within the family or with friends.

Organic BOOSTER Package Supply for You save Price
*XXL* 12 months 18% £346.00 | 390 €
*MEDIUM* 6 months 8% £189.00 | 213 €
*STARTER* 4 months - £136.00 | 153 €