Do you sometimes feel tired, weak and have no energy? Do you want to do something good for yourself?

  • Organic Superfood POWER: The best of 30 fruit, berry and vegetable varieties in powder form.
  • 5 portions a day?: Just more of what you should eat every day in fruit and vegetables.
  • Natural vitamins: Away from a potential vitamin deficiency and towards an energy BOOST!
Vitamin-BOOSTER organic Superfood capsules
Maybe you'll find out that **Superpowers** are also within YOU!

Super fit thanks to natural vitamins

Artificial (pharmaceutical) vitamins make little sense. Why? Because your body absorbs them only to a limited extent!
  • Nature as origin: Your body is a natural 'product' and therefore prefers natural vitamins.
  • Nature in balance: No synthetic vitamins from the test tube but (naturally) in a holistic form.
  • Natural interaction: Vitamins are only able to unfold their full healthy effects by interacting with all plant substances.

You are what you eat!

With field fresh Organic fruits, berries and vegetables in powder form you supplement your daily nutrition ideally.
Byebye tiredness and Hello Power for your everyday life!